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We have broken the bike insurance category down into smaller groups to enable you to find the right insurance for your situation or requirements.

Specialist Motorbike Insurance Cover with CIA Insurance

If you’re finding it difficult to find cheap motorcycle insurance because you’ve got a conviction or a ban, then our insurance for banned bikers might provide the solution you’ve been looking for.

Perhaps it’s simply your circumstances that mean you pay a high premium such as if you’re a young biker, if you ride a powerful bike or if you live in a high-risk area. Help is at hand though because if your bike insurance premium is over £1000, we can offer fantastic rates.

Alternatively if you’re an experienced biker with a few years of no claims bonuses under your belt, then you would do well to get a quote from CIA Insurance because we could reward you for your years’ of careful riding.

We can also help you if you’re starting out as a biker or simply don’t have the benefit of any no claims bonuses. We could help you find an affordable motorcycle insurance policy.

Simply call on the number shown or click on “Get a quote” or “We’ll call you back” to find out how CIA Insurance can assist you.

  • Full UK & European Breakdown
  • Personal Effects Cover
  • Legal Protection
  • Multi-bike policies available

We also provide you with a great service

  • Instant, Hassle-Free Cover
  • Free 24-Hour Claims Line
  • Buy Online 24/7


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In the event of an accident call our helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our claims handlers will take care of every aspect of your claim.

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